Archidply’s Teak Veneer collection comprises a splendid array of customized, royal, and landscape teak. This collection wonderfully reflects the textures and patterns of teak to give your space a lasting, luxurious finish. Its high water-absorption level makes it just the right pick for luxury boats or even interior flooring.

Royale Teak

These veneers are made from pure Burma Teak and are arranged in crown and quarter-cut patterns to give each piece an exquisite look. Further, they can be placed in either horizontal or vertical patterns, and promise a rich color and grain. These features make this range ideal for furniture and paneling alike.

Royale Carbonized Teak

This variation of our teak veneers is gently smoked to give it a chocolatey brown color and rich honey tone. It is available in both flat-cut and quarter-cut veneers, and is perfect for paneling and furniture.

Teak Quarters

This premium collection of veneers is made from the finest Burma Teak, a range known for its rich legacy and versatile color palette. Its lovely natural color and straight-line patterns can be finished with polish to retain the product’s timeless quality.

Royale Vintage Teak

This range of teak is effortlessly stylish, vintage, and sleek. It enhances the natural characteristics of the wood, such as knots and cracks, to give your home a naturally rustic look.

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