Gurjan Based Plywood

Gurjan Plywood is made from multiple sheets of peeled veneers that are stacked together and firmly bonded using resins. But what truly sets 100% Gurjan Plywood apart is its composition — it is made entirely with Gurjan hardwood. This feature makes Gurjan Plywood more polished, refined, and expensive compared to other varieties.

The Decorative Veneer Collection

Our veneers use wood sourced from the jungles of Bolivia, rainforests of Indonesia, and even the valleys of Chile. With each design as unique as their place of origin, this collection is every designer and architect’s dream come true!

Pre-laminated Particle Board

The Archidply pre-laminated boards range boasts versatile decor options. Each one of our boards is melamine-impregnated and then machine-pressed under controlled temperature and pressure. These boards are suitable for use in partitions, paneling, false ceilings, cupboard shutters, furniture, and panel door inserts.

Decorative Veneered Doors

Our newest range of beautifully crafted veneered doors are sure to add a touch of elegance to every entrance. These exotic decorative veneers are laminated over their core to give each design a sleek, minimalistic look. Further, these doors are waterproof and are available in all shades of Archidply Natural Veneers, Bon Vivant Premium Veneers, and Solid Wood Finishes — delivered after being finished with lacquer for immediate installation!


A unique concept store for premium veneers with different finishes, decorative doors, cladding, solid wood sheets, wooden flooring, and decorative lumber. Each one of our creations promises superior design and style, giving every space a superior finish.

Bon Vivant Coating Services

The residential real estate market is booming — and with it, the home decor industry. To add to this, residential buyers are growing conscious of their taste, preferring stylish and stunning interiors. And that’s where we step in — to give every piece of wood a rich and special finish. Bon Vivant Coating Services, in collaboration with Italian brands, is now extending hassle-free painting and coating services to our customers to give your home the perfect finish.

Bon Vivant Decorative Lumber

We, at Bon Vivant, select only high quality lumber that is suitable for furniture and wood joinery, and we deal with multiple lumber varieties. Further, our lumber collection has been designed with our exquisite veneer range in mind so that you don’t have to worry about finding the perfect match!

Bon Vivant Solid Wood Flooring

From teak and mahogany to oak and walnut, Bon Vivant’s top-notch wood flooring range is made from exotic wood species that give your space a natural warmth and elegant finish. Our easy-to-install collection is made from state-of-the-art European machines, complete with tongue and groove joints, that allow us to customize the length and pattern (lateral or herringbone) of the finished product.

Bon Vivant Tabletops

Our new range of premium tabletops is made of solid hardwood lumber that is carefully picked and artistically crafted to fit customer preferences. This range is available in a variety of sizes, offers delicate detailing, can be combined with sapwood, and even comes in different colors to give each piece a unique appearance.We ensure that our tabletops are treated to be structurally sound and defect-free, as well as being properly seasoned — allowing them to fit any need, be it a coffee table, dining table, or foyer table.

Veneered Wallpanel

Veneered Wall Panels from Archidply Decor.

Our innovative range of products involving veneer's and other elements like mirror, light, brass, stainless steel etc. This range is created for the end customers who want to renovate some walls in their homes and give a new look and feel. It is a hassle free experience for the end customers as the company takes responsibility right up to installation with minimum on site work.

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