Product Stories

Bungalow, Bhopal

At Archidply, we see every project as a challenge that allows us to create something novel and breathtaking. And here’s how we used Archidply Club Plywood and Natural Decorative Veneers to add a touch of magic to this property.

Other products used:
  • Royal Vintage Oak
  • Royal Burberry
  • Royal Euro Walnut

Bungalow, Raipur

Whenever we’re given a creative brief, we rush to our drawing boards to chalk out unique plans for our clients. And that’s exactly what we did at this
property — with the help of Archidply Club Plus and select veneers from our Decorative Veneer collection.

Veneers used:
  • Royale Cocobolo
  • Royale Pulp Tree
  • Royale Iron Wood
  • Fumed Eucalyptus FSC
  • Fumed Larch FSC
  • Royale Fumed Oak Moon Ring

Residence, Mangalore

When it comes to crafting residences, we make sure to leave behind an elegant finish and a homely warmth. And to do that, we used our Carbonised Teak and Royal Teak Veneers along with our Club Plywood at this property. And the results are here for you to see!

Residence, Erode

All our products come with a transformational quality. For instance, when it came to transforming this residence into a world-class home we put our Smoked Sapeli Veneer to good use and gave it a stunning makeover!

Resort, Havelock Islands, Andaman and Nicobar

We turned a seaside resort into a cozy getaway with our 9mm Gurjan Club Plywood overlaid with our Golden Cedar Veneer.

Residence, Belgaum & Goa

We used our premium range of product i.e Carbonised Teak and Royal Teak Veneers for interior designing .