The Bon Vivant Collective: An Archidply retail venture
The Bon Vivant Collective: An Archidply retail venture

A unique concept store for premium veneers with different finishes, decorative doors, cladding, solid wood sheets, wooden flooring, and decorative lumber. Each one of our creations promises superior design and style, giving every space a superior finish.

Here’s a peek into everything we have to offer:

Decorative Veneers

Our precise processes ensure that our Decorative Veneers are overlap-free, thereby guaranteeing a superior and seamless finish.


Our wide range of Plywoods are sourced responsibly without compromising on quality and durability.

Coating services

Our Coating Services come with a variety of polishes and an experienced team to give your space a stunning finish.


Our exotic Decorative Veneered Doors are laminated over their core to give each design a sleek, minimalistic look — adding a touch of elegance to every entrance.


Our high-quality Lumber is perfect for furniture and wood joinery making it a popular choice among both builders and architects.


Our top-notch Wood Flooring range is made from exotic wood species to give your space a natural warmth and an elegant finish.


Our exterior-grade HPL is perfect for interior and exterior claddings. These are manufactured under high pressures and temperatures to make your space weather-proof.

Solid Wood Sheets

Our Solid Wood Sheets are a hassle-free alternative to natural wood.
This eco-friendly product range is designed to replicate an authentic wooden finish.

Here’s a list of some of the biggest brands we are currently dealing with:
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