The Decorative Veneer Collection

Recomposed, reengineered, and reconstituted — this Archidply range takes existing veneers and designs them afresh, giving them a brand new look and style. These engineered veneers are known to be extremely versatile and are available in a range of sizes and thicknesses — making them the right choice for shop fittings and hotel interiors. Further, we offer this range in various types, styles, and patterns that can be customized to your preferences.

Art e o Space Designer

Archidply’s engineered recon veneers are manufactured from sustainable sources. This ensures retention of the wood’s natural qualities while maximizing its usage, giving each product a stunning, uniform, and natural finish.

Art e o Space Elite

This range of engineered veneers is known for its consistency in grain, pattern, and color — in addition to being versatile in texture and appearance. Space Elite makes for the perfect pick when it comes to ensuring color and consistency in any given space.

Art e o Space Classic

Environment friendly, renewable, and classy, this range of engineered veneers is truly in a league of its own. Space Classic is made to resemble nature at its best, with distinct textures and colors that would otherwise only be found in the wild! Also, they make for a great alternative to several other over-priced and exotic wood species in the market.

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