Bon Vivant Coating Services
Bon Vivant Coating Services

The residential real estate market is booming — and with it, the home decor industry. To add to this, residential buyers are growing conscious of their taste, preferring stylish and stunning interiors. And that’s where we step in — to give every piece of wood a rich and special finish. Bon Vivant Coating Services, in collaboration with Italian brands, is now extending hassle-free painting and coating services to our customers to give your home the perfect finish.

Our team is:






Our coating services include:

Proper color

Complete surface

Written warranty
of work

Daily post-painting

Regular supervision

Types of Polishes
  • NC clear polish @ Lacquer finish
  • NC color finish @ Duco finish
  • Melamine finish
  • PU finish
    • PU solvent-based finishes
      (Clear and pigmented)
    • PU water-based finishes
      (Clear and pigmented)
  • Acrylic finishes
    (Clear and pigmented)
  • Polyester finishes
    (Clear and pigmented)
  • Special wood-oil finish
  • Antique and rustic metallic finishes
  • Special effects
  • Glass coatings
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