Wonder Grain

Our collection of open-grain veneers go through a special manufacturing process that helps highlight the texture and grain, making it resemble sawn lumber. These veneers are versatile and can be stained to the color of your choice to give your space an authentic, natural finish.


This range of veneers is manufactured by fusing wood with metallic colors such as copper, bronze, and silver. It gives every piece of wood a stylish sheen and sleek finish, ensuring it stands out in any space.


This unique product range is specially created with best-in-class wood and ensures minimum wastage. On application, it gives the product a grainy, roof-style finish.


This collection is specially crafted by slicing the veneer with a serrated knife, thereby leaving the surface with a jagged finish. This then gives the veneer a textured, sawn surface that looks as unique as it sounds.


This collection is processed with natural cracks and derived from preserved, 200-year-old timber. This quality helps retain the wood’s natural texture and color, giving it a unique vintage look.

Rare Exotic

This range is entirely inspired by the diversity that the world has to offer, with chic and natural veneers that are handcrafted to perfection.

Life Tree

This exquisite variety is made from timber in its purest form and is best suited for doors and counters. It is sliced vertically without clipping the edges in order to retain its natural form and features.

Burls and Crotches

This truly rare breed of wood veneers is designed to represent a tree’s burl and crotch patterns. While burls create a chaotic grain pattern with a wart-like structure, crotches manifest where the tree splits into two limbs.


With this range of handcrafted veneers, you can personalize your design to craft a completely unique and exclusive space. Further, these veneers allow you
to play with various geometric patterns and designs that provide an exquisite finish to every piece.

Rotary Cut

This fine collection of veneers offers the classic look of concentric growth patterns in an exotic new avatar. It is a unique type of decorative veneer — also
known as butt-cut veneer — that is extracted from spare round logs, making these veneers eco-friendly yet stylish!

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